It’s For You

Victoria Schade Writing

This collection of dog-related words is coming to a bookshelf near you on 9/18/18. (I’m thinking that’s a fortuitous date, numerology-wise. Someone back me up.)

To get to this point – typeset and looking gorgeous instead of just an idea in my brain – it took time, a crapton of tears, lots of pig rubbing, and a big dose of luck. The next step, when Life on the Leash gets its fancy cover, will bring it one step closer to you.

I’ll admit it. I’m nervous about you.

You, the book-devouring, dog-adoring public. I want you to fall in love with the world in LOTL. I want you to cheer for the human ends of the leashes, and swoon over the canine ends. (Oh, and there’s a couple swoon-worthy guys in there too!) I want you to root for Cora and her crew. Boo and hiss at Boris Ershovich. And maybe, if you’ve never met one, maybe you’ll think about pit bulls in a brand new way after reading the book.

You know what I can’t wait to do? Talk about this book with you! I am so excited at the prospect of finally getting to chat about Life on the Leash, because – obviously – I love the people and dogs who inhabit the pages. Plus I want to see if anyone picks up on the Easter eggs I threw in. I’m one of those dorks who immediately starts researching a movie the minute I finish watching it, trying to uncover hidden meanings. Of course I put some silly secrets in LOTL for like-minded dorks!

Like, whose name is a take on the Polish word for “little tooth” and why does it perfectly describe the character? What does Eli whisper to Fran’s dog? And will anyone pick up on Darnell’s inside joke? (Every time I read the line I start singing the song. The jam remains strong to this day, yo.)

Mostly, I want you to finish reading Life on the Leash, give your dog a kiss, and then marvel at how lucky we are to call them our best friends. I hope you’ll see that in LOTL, the characters you’ll fall hardest for are ones that walk on four legs.