Je t’aime

Victoria Schade Writing

You guys.

Check out my cover.

Insanely awesome, right?

I’m so thankful that it’s gorgeous, because the idea of someone putting an image to the 80,000+ words in LOTL scared the hell out of me. I’m a graphic design geek at heart (I also geek out on advertising, marketing and promotions), so I wanted – needed – the cover image to be really, really, really good.

And it is!

I was lucky enough to get to pick from four cover options, and while they were all fantastic, the early version of this one spoke to me immediately. In the first rendering, Cora had on a skirt and heels, and while she looked très chic, Cora isn’t a dress-up-to-walk-a-dog kind of gal. We swapped them out for sensible flats and capris, changed the title font color from red to white, added the Tiffany-blue background and voila – perfection.

I love that the artist captured Cora’s crazy curly hair. That her Brenton striped top is a nod to her French language skills. That the image has movement and playfulness. And that my heart gets happy every time I look at it.

Don’t you love it too? I mean, how could you not? This vintage travel poster of a cover is going to look amazing amid your collection of books … it’s ready for pre-orderhint hint.