About That Leash …

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When I wrote Life on the Leash I had a collection of photos of inspo-people for each of the characters. The photos represented either the character’s exact look, or their vibe. Some of them are so dead-on that the person in the photo is the character – I visualize that person when I go back through the book.

For a few characters, the photo is more of a way to pin down their “aura.” Charlie’s photo, in particular, captured his more of his essence than his actual look. It’s a photo of a guy packing up his car for a weekend getaway with a beautiful blonde next to him. He’s looking directly at the camera, and everything about him, from his gaze to his clothing to the light stubble on his cheeks, says “I know I’m the shizz.”

Of course, many of the memorable characters in this book are canine, and I didn’t need visual inspiration for most of them because they’re standard-issue adorable. I can close my eyes and picture them perfectly.

There’s Oliver the boxer, who looks like this gorgeous specimen (note natural ears, natch):

Sydney the Bouvier, with his glorious facial hair:

Daisy the Golden:

Lucy the Frenchie:

and Honey the dobe (more natural ears!):

For a few of the dogs I needed a specific visual. They were unique creatures.

Thankfully I didn’t find a photo of what poor little Chanel looked like in the early part of the book, but this is pretty close to what she looked like after her time at Sniptastic, minus the wonky ear:

And oh-so pretty blonde Josie, with her mix of pit and Shar pei (not pictured: the worry wrinkles):

And of course … the man of the hour … the most perfect and most handsome dog on the planet … Mr. Fritz Bellamy.

He’s actually a combination of these three lookers.

The spirit of this hammy smiler (minus that gross prong collar):

The eye-patch of this friend (who hopefully found a way home, since this looks like a shelter intake photo):

And the brindle coat of this charmer:

I’ve said it a bunch of times: the canine characters in Life on the Leash are more swoon-worthy than the romantic leads, and after checking out these pics I’m sure you agree!