To All the Covers I’ve Loved Before

Victoria Schade Writing

We all judge books by their covers.

Admit it.

If a cover is well-designed, you’re probably going to at least pick it up and glance at the back. I know of book bloggers who refuse to read certain editions of books because the cover doesn’t work for them. (One said she rushed to buy Crazy Rich Asians before the cover turned into the movie edition. Uh, same.)

When it came time to select a cover for LOTL, I was thrilled to have four options to choose from. And guess what – they were all fantastic!

Which made picking one a tough decision.

The first? This incredible image:

Look at those puppers! And the color! Loooovee!!

But … the drawing suggested a dog walker, and Cora is a dog trainer. Big difference, so even though I thought this image was adorable, I knew it wasn’t quite right. (I want to turn it into a greeting card!)

The next one was amazing, too:

Gah – so cute! I had suggested Amy Reichert’s The Coincidence of Coconut Cake as a cover I adored, and this one is a clear tribute to it. It was tied with my other favorite til the bitter end.

Option three was super adorable:

Peppy, bright, happy … and there’s that gorgeous blue again! But … a touch to cartoony. My friends and family really loved it, and a few of them said I was making a mistake by choosing anything but this one. (Sorry fam!)

Then there was option four.

I had a visceral reaction when I first saw it. A tingle. A thrill.  It was really, really, really good!

But … not quite perfect. Cora isn’t a high heels and skirt gal, so I asked for a wardrobe swap, requested that we use a background color similar to covers one and three, and change the font color (it felt a little slasher film in red) …

And hello LOTL cover!

I just love it! (And I hope you do too!)