Scenes from a Dream

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It happened!

My book came out, y’all! And hoo-boy did we celebrate.

The first little gig was at Boris & Horton in New York, and featured adoptable adorables from Hearts and Bones Rescue.

This dude had an injury but you can bet the cone didn’t slow him down.

Hello, cute-ears!

I did an impromptu pitch to what looks like a rapt audience:

And my fabutastic editor Kate Dresser stopped by:

It was a great New York night! (Fun fact; When I left my hotel for the evening I fell down the steps and landed flat on my back in front of a sidewalk filled with people. On the way to the party. Was not a good start to the evening.)

The second throw-down was at my hometown book store, The Doylestown Bookshop. I think I smiled for 3 hours straight.

And we put a hurtin’ on my book-cake:

It was a glorious kickoff, and I thank everyone who came! Life on the Leash is now out in the wild, so please read it, love it, and kiss your dog!