Nice to Meet You, Olive

Victoria Schade Dog Life

It turns out Olive is not part Malamute, as her original DNA test from 6 years ago suggested.

We received the new and improved results and they make a lot more sense. Check it out:

Or to sum it up in pictures:

I’m not sold on the Chihuahua part, but Shih Tzu and Poodle are believable. (BTW, the remaining 12.5% came in as “weirdo.”)

My favorite part of the results were these little gems:

Not a single black hair! And they’re right!
Yes – Olive rocks a beard and fuzzy eyebrows!

Big thanks to Wisdom Panel for giving me this fun new dimension to Olive’s personality! Important note: this isn’t sponcon – I begged for/snagged a kit while I was working at Puppy Bowl this year. And speaking of Puppy Bowl, you should check out my Instagram (@lifeontheleash) and Twitter (@VictoriaSchade) and Facebook (@VictoriaSchadeAuthor) for tons of behind the scenes pics!