Set Life

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Last week I worked on a shoot that had the potential to be tough for a bunch of reasons:

— I’d never worked with the production company before

— It was their first time shooting with dogs

— I had to cast the canine talent from a distance (we were shooting in Brooklyn)

— Part of the shoot was outside and the forecast called for a 100% chance of thunderstorms all day

— I was going to be in the video and I was using an unknown makeup artist who was meeting me at 5AMĀ 


I always try to rise to a challenge but this shoot had me particularly nervous because the entire thing depended on the dogs. What if they didn’t show up? What if they were petrified on set?

Let’s just say I lost a ton of sleep in the week leading up to it.

The day started strong; the makeup artist arrived on time, I made it to Brooklyn with an hour to spare (unheard of for me), the sun was out and the location was fantastic. The only thing left was the pups, so you can imagine my nerves when the 9:00 call time rolled around and there was no sign of them.

O ye of little faith.

They showed up rarin’ to go at 9:15, as if they’d read the script and knew every mark.

From that point on the shoot was basically perfect. Sure, I ended up jogging and sweating for the first twenty minutes which means my hair was trashed immediately:

But aside from a hair fail everything else was amazing.

The pups rocked it. Seriously – they were perfect actors.

The rescue that brought them was delightful. (Can’t wait to see you in October, Rescue City. Wink wink!)

The production company and crew were fantastic and funny and easy to work with.

Even the rain held out until we’d wrapped the outdoor part!

It was one of those days where everything came together and we all walked away feeling exhausted but thrilled with the magic we’d created.

It was a very good day on set.